Scott County Emergency Management

Weekly Net Preamble - Net Manager: Steve Jewell, WR9G

CQ CQ CQ. Attention all amateurs.  This is the Scott County EMA weekly net, a part of the Indiana ARES & RACES groups. This net meets every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM on a frequency of 146.610 MHz and with a PL tone of 103.5 Hertz.


This net meets for the purpose of: training, planning, practicing and discussing activities of the Scott County and other surrounding counties’ amateur radio groups to pass formal ITN traffic or informal traffic and to relay news of interest to all amateurs.


This is a directed net.  Please direct all comments and questions through the NET CONTROL STATION.  Your NCS this evening is {your call}.  My name is {your Name} and I am located in {your QTH}.


All amateurs are encouraged to check in and participate in this net. Any emergency traffic will be handled with top priority during this net. If you have emergency or priority traffic, please call NET CONTROL at this time (Handle and route traffic or "None heard.").

When checking in, please give your Callsign, your name and location. Also, please indicate whether you have Traffic for the net. First are there any annoucements or traffic for the net, please call NET CONTROL now.

++ Pass Any Announcements ++            ++ Recognize Stations With Traffic  ++

------------------ Check-in Procedure -------------------

1.    We'll now take check-ins from stations on short time. This includes mobiles that may shortly be out of range, stations that must go off the air before the check-in process is complete, or stations with emergency or priority traffic.

Short-Time Stations, Please Call NET CONTROL.   ++ Recognize stations with Short-Time Traffic ++

2. Next we will take check-ins from stations with Callsign suffixes beginning with A-Alpha through H-Hotel. … Please call NET CONTROL.

3. Now we will take check-ins from stations with Callsign suffixes beginning with I-India through Q-Quebec. … Please call NET CONTROL.

4. Next we will take check-ins from stations with Callsign suffixes beginning with R-Romeo through Z-Zulu. … Please call NET CONTROL.

5. Finally, I'll take check ins from anywhere in the alphabet,  ...  Please call NET CONTROL.

++ Check for late check-ins  ++

 ---------------------- Close the Net --------------------

I would like to thank each of you for checking into the net.  We will now closed the net at _____ hours.  Good Evening and 73 to everyone who participated or who might be listening from {your call}. We will now turn the repeater back over to normal amateur use.